Chez The Biodiversity Company, nous aidons à éviter et à gérer les risques environnementaux. Nous avons une approche pragmatique pour la gestion de la biodiversité qui prend en compte toutes les parties prenantes concernées, y compris l’environnement potentiellement affecté.


Nous menons des études de spécialistes écologiques afin d’établir les conditions de base et, si nécessaire, de fournir des conseils d’experts pour éviter et atténuer les impacts associés au développement.


Nous sommes des agents de contrôle environnemental expérimentés et indépendants, agissant en tant que contrôleurs de la qualité et agents de surveillance concernant toutes les préoccupations environnementales et les impacts environnementaux associés.


Nous veillons à ce que le client maintienne une mesure appropriée de conformité aux réglementations environnementales au moyen d’une approche législative.


We conduct ecological specialist studies in order to establish baseline conditions and where required, provide expert advice for the avoidance and mitigation of impacts associated with development.


We are experienced and independent environmental control officers (ECO), acting as quality controllers and monitoring agents regarding all environmental concerns and associated environmental impacts.


We ensure that the client maintains an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations by means of a legislative approach.

Vous recherchez une expertise pratique et rentable en matière de biodiversité par des écologistes expérimentés? 


Phases du projet

  • Exploration
  • Cadrage
  • Référence
  • Évaluations d’impact
  • Surveillance
  • Stratégies et politiques
  • Plans de gestion
  • La mise en œuvre

Les secteurs

  • Perçage
  • Exploitation minière
  • Ressources naturelles
  • Énergie
  • Hydro (eau)
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Pétrole
  • Ingénierie


  • Pré-faisabilité
  • Faisabilité
  • Surveillance
  • Stratégies
  • Plans de gestion
  • Plans d’action
  • Réhabilitation


  • Gaz de pétrole
  • Charbon
  • Platine
  • Or
  • Graphite
  • Minerai de fer
  • Cuivre
  • Nickel
  • Sable

Freshwater Ecology

TBC conducts a full range of freshwater studies. Our specialist fields include water quality, biota, river habitat studies, environmental flow requirements, ecotoxicological and biomonitoring studies. Our scientists are registered accredited professionals with experience across South Africa and throughout Africa.

Ecological baseline and risk assessments projects that the TBC team has completed range from infrastructure, bulk services, impoundments and hydro-electric dam studies and also coal, iron, gold, zinc, lead, potash and manganese mining projects. Furthermore, the TBC team has completed numerous agricultural related projects for irrigation schemes as well as large-scale agricultural developments.


  • Biomonitoring (SASS5 accredited)
  • Water quality assessment
  • Water sampling
  • Diatom analysis
  • Toxicology
  • Instream Flow Requirements
  • Aquaculture design

Terrestrial Division

A service where the terrestrial environment and all the flora and fauna which interact within this physical environment.

Specialist services include:

  • Animal, Avifaunal, Reptiles and Amphibian surveys
  • Species Identification
  • Community Structure Study
  • Critical Habitat Assessment
  • Biodiversity Value Study
  • Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Rehabilitation Plans and Monitoring
  • Game Reserve and Nature Reserve Management Plans
  • Environmental Management Programmes
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Basic Assessments

Vegetation Division

Power to the flower, well at least that’s what our specialists think. There is no mountain too high or valley too wide to stop our experts. No matter how big, small, common or rare the species is, our passionate experts will have the necessary skills and experience for the study.

Specialist services include:

  • Species identification (Confirm the presence or absence of indigenous veg)
  • Plant Community Structure Description
  • Plant Community Condition and Distribution
  • Veld Management
  • Carrying Capacity
  • Management Plans
  • Rehabilitation Plans and Monitoring

Wetlands Division

Wetlands and riparian areas are in good hands with our experts. Our experts have been trained by the relevant authorities and academic institutions in an effort to conduct these studies. Taking into account all the features, if there is a wetland out there we will find it.

TBC provides a suite of wetland services. The availability of in-house soil, hydrology and wetland expertise enables us to conduct collaborative studies with services including wetland delineations, ecological studies, and also the compilation and implementation of rehabilitation and management / monitoring plans. A key service offering in collaboration with our wetland services is hydropedological studies. Our scientists are registered accredited professionals with experience across South Africa and throughout Africa.

Projects that the TBC team undertakes include large and small-scale infrastructure developments, mining (including prospecting) and bulk services. The team has also undertaken the design and construction of artificial wetland systems.

Soils Division

Often referred to as the “lost art”, soil science is alive and well with us, adding value to our other disciplines when needed. There is nothing fancy about this skill, but be it for farming, development or rehabilitation, our experts have the experience and knowledge to add value.

Soil Assessment Services:

  • Predictive soil mapping
  • Soil classification & delineation
  • Land use assessment
  • Land capability description
  • Land management strategy
  • Agricultural (fertility) assessment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Stripping guideline design

Hydropedology Division

TBC conducts varying levels of hydropedology studies, the level being determined by the planned project. Our in-house expertise and combination of soil, hydrology and wetland ecology services enables us to be competent and comprehensive in this service offering. Our scientists are registered professionals with experience in South Africa (for this service).

Hydropedology projects that the TBC team has completed to date range from mining and infrastructure, both of varying scales.

Hydrology Division

We have a collaborative team providing specialist services, supported by recognised software and models to provide these services.


  • Floodlines
  • Water balance
  • Stormwater management plans
  • Water monitoring

Bespoke Services

We like to dabble in a few things, generally just trying to be creative and take the initiative to solve issues at hand. This dabbling has actually allowed us to develop other skills that can add value to projects.

We have gained experience in the following:

  • Storm water management designs and planning
  • Irrigation design
  • Flood line calculations
  • Rainfall/flood return period calculations
  • Surface & groundwater sampling & analysis
  • Aquaculture design
  • Telemetry & tracking
  • Nursery designs
  • Species search & rescue (relocations)